Glambot Singapore | Indonesia | The Holograil

Step into the world of glamour and excitement with the Glambot by The Holograil, a dynamic and immersive production that revolutionizes the traditional photo booth experience. Designed to captivate guests at various events, Glambot Photo Booth combines state-of-the-art technology, artistic flair, and interactive features to create unforgettable moments worth cherishing.

How Does the Glambot Work?

  1. Automated Glamour : Glambot Photo Booth features a cutting-edge robotic camera arm that gracefully moves around the subject, capturing their best angles from a multi-angle perspective. The automated system ensures flawless shots every time, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.
  2. Studio-Quality Lighting : To complement the glamorous experience, Glambot Photo Booth boasts a professional-grade lighting setup, ensuring that each video showcases the subjects in the most flattering and enchanting way possible.
  3. Instant Sharing : Guests can instantly download their Glambot videos via Airdrop or QR code scan.
  4. Customizable Overlays and Filters : Glambot Photo Booth offers a wide array of customizable themes and artistic filters to suit the event’s ambiance or the guests’ preferences. Whether it’s vintage charm, modern elegance, or whimsical fantasy, the booth adapts effortlessly to create the desired atmosphere.
  5. Instant Prints : Options for Holographic Card or 4R/Strip still prints available

Frequently Asked Question About The Holograil’s Glambot

Absolutely! A glambot offers an innovative and fun way to capture memories at your event. It’s not just a photo booth, it’s a complete entertainment package. And if you’re planning a wedding, our wedding photo booth is a fantastic way to engage your guests and create lasting memories. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of magic to your event.

Yes, a strong wifi connection from the venue is helpful for smooth operations at your event. It facilitates the immediate sharing of exciting glambot on social media platforms, enhancing the reach of your event. However, if it’s unavailable, don’t worry! We always bring our own wifi router to ensure uninterrupted fun and instant sharing of memories, regardless of the venue’s internet connectivity.

Our friendly team will set up the Glambot booth 1.5hours before the event and should be ready 30mins before the event start time. We understand that your event needs to run smoothly, and that’s why we ensure our setup and teardown times are efficient and unobtrusive. Our team is experienced and professional, ensuring that the booth is ready for your guests to enjoy as soon as your event begins.

The number of people that can fit in a Glambot booth depends on the size of the platform. We require a flat floor space of approximately 4m (wide) x 3m (deep) x 2.2m (high) for the setup. This ensures that we can capture the best possible videos of your guests. The bigger space we can have, the more people we can fit into each shot, making it a truly inclusive experience.